Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sometimes the best laid plans do fail

I had such high hopes for myself and unfortunately I did not fulfill my side of the deal. I had last posted almost two months ago with the great news that I was finally done with the laundry (Mount Washmore as my darling husband named it). I set up a great schedule for washing clothes and keeping up with the laundry and as sometimes happens, the best laid plans fail. I just knew the new schedule was going to work and be great for keeping up with the laundry but like usual with me it seems I can not keep the momentum up. Less than two months later Mount Washmore has returned in full force and like usual I am overwhelmed. Today though is the first day of a new month and so I am going to put into motion a new me (hopefully). For the last two weeks I have been washing dishes, wiping counters/stove/table, sweeping the floor, picking up the living room, and sweeping said living room every night before I allow myself to relax and go to bed. So far it is working and I am keeping at least the front part of the house clean. (you know, the areas the people actually see when they come over).
On Monday, I had the two bigger girls go into their caves and clean them out. Now we can see floor again rather than EVERYTHING that was on the floors. Luckily the baby doesn't make as much mess yet being she IS only 18 months old so it is easier to keep her room clean as long as we keep the big girls out of there.
My big plan to clean the master bedroom still hasn't come to fruition but I know eventually I will have to get in there and get it done. I just don't know when. Sometimes I feel so discouraged and like I won't ever get finished decluttering and cleaning my house.
I just have to keep trying and not give up. Giving up means that I really won't ever get done so I refuse to fully give up... Become discouraged and disappointed in myself but not giving up.

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