Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 5ths Thankful post

30 days of thankfulness...

A day late once again but here it is. My mother in law was in the hospital all weekend sick with pneumonia and was finally able to come home so I spent the day over there helping her out. I made her a yummy vegetable soup to help her recuperation go along better. For my thankfulness for Monday I was thankful for my inlaws. When I got married I was 18 and very unequipped for the tasks of daily married life. I did not know how to cook or run a house but thank goodness my mother in law was willing and able to help me learn those things. She taught me how to cook so that my poor husband wouldn't have to eat burnt suppers our entire marriage. (though he did eat quite a few of them for a while). Not to discredit my father in law either, he can cook up a storm himself. Between the two of them, I can now cook with the best of them. Proof of my skills being better was yesterday when mom asked the father in law to go get me to cook her soup because I knew how she liked it.... if that doesn't make a girl feel good I don't know what will!!! 

I am and forever will be grateful for my inlaws. They have always been here for us through everything and have helped make sure to this day we are never without love, caring, or stuff we need.....

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