Friday, November 9, 2012

Big Difference....

Today we (the whole family) got outside and cleaned our yard... for those who actually know me yall know that our yard is huge.... so cleaning it is always an all day task. We unfortunately did not have all day as daddy was gone half the day. But we got out there and did it anyway when he got home. We spent several hours out there and got most of the yard clean and wow! What a huge difference it made. We are a tad bit overly proud of ourselves.

Tomorrow starts another day of work though. We still have a lot of yard to clean up and get looking nice. We also are building a new porch because the existing one is getting a little (okay a lot) to rickety for safe crossing. So we are going to tear down that one and build a bigger one with a roof so even on rainy days we can be outside.... I cannot wait!!!!

Today we hurt from all the raking, bending, hauling, raking..... but today is over and my house is clean and my yard is cleaner.

Today we (me and the girls) also did 4 complete loads of laundry. As in washing, drying, folding, AND putting away of 4 loads. Mount Washmore is starting to shrink!!! We also got all of our daily chores completed!!!!!

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