Thursday, September 6, 2012

Feeling Accomplished

I feel so good today.. We got our schoolwork done by 2 oclock which is a big accomplishment all on its own but the best part for me is I have accomplished something that for me was a big hurdle... the dreaded laundry. I had let it take over my life and felt like I couldn't do anything to fix it because it was such a big project. My hallway was full to overflowing with clothes and blankets and sheets and everything... and I didn't want to face it. I was washing just what we needed at that moment and not taking the time to do all of it and get it out of the way. Over the last two weeks I have been slowly but surely excavating the hallway and I can finally say that there is very little dirty laundry and what is dirty is stuff that has been worn in the last couple of days... I set up a new schedule for doing laundry... each person has a different day of the week for their laundry and each day I spent ALLLL day washing, drying and folding their laundry.. I taught the two older girls to wash, dry, fold, and put away their clothes and I am proud to say that they did it on their own  with minimal help from me just reminding them to change out loads and helping them put it away last week since there was sooo much... This week they did it on their own... I have only one load to wash tomorrow of two blankets that were hiding under the baby's crib when I cleaned her room today... The only downside to all that laundry doing is that I washed, dried, and folded it all but now it is sitting in nicely folded piles on my couch so my once finally cleaned living room now looks like the hallway did but that's going to be fixed tomorrow when the hubby is home and can help me haul it all to our room and put it away... then of course the last and final room to reorganize and excavate is our room where everything got put as I was decluttering the rest of the house... but I am making a promise to myself that by Monday morning there will not be a room in my house that hasn't been reorganized and cleaned... I will get it done this weekend come rain or shine.

We have been doing so well with our new cleaning schedule and the house looks better than it has in a long time. Today was a let's finish a room day so the kitchen slid by the wayside but the day is not over and I am going to clean it before I go to bed...Tomorrow the girl whose week it is can take back over but it is a big mess tonight and she needs help with it so I am going to help her this time... after all what are mommas for...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

busy week

We had such a busy week this past week. The girls had their schoolwork and I had housework and a new schedule to think up and put into action. I made daily checklists for the girls and myself so that we can check each task off as it is completed so they and I can see that we are getting things accomplished in our daily lives. Each girl has their own checklist that they can follow to see how much they have to do and how much they have completed... I also made a room by room checklist so that when that room is assigned as a chore the girls know exactly what they are supposed to do to clean it. Doing it that way will hopefully help stop the constant questions on what they are supposed to do and the constant nagging by me to make sure that each step was completed. The girls like it so far because it tells them step by step what they are to do in cleaning that room. We also changed up the chore schedule. Instead of alternating days on chores they each chose two slips of paper to be their chore for the week. For example, this week one girl has Kitchen and hallway/porch and the other has Living room and Bathroom. Next week they will switch it out. Both girls also have their laundry set up on different days now so that they have one day a week to do their laundry. (My idea is that maybe they will stop throwing clean clothes on the floor for me to wash a hundred loads a week, if they have to do their own laundry). And just in case you were wondering (and I say you as in me cause I am writing this more for me than for anyone else), my hallway is also my laundry room so it does get messed up quickly for some reason, so it is definitely a chore room that has to be kept clean or it quickly looks like a hurricane went through it... 

speaking of hurricanes. Hurricane Isaac came through Louisiana this week. We didn't get very much bad weather over here in Southwest La but the Eastern part of the state definitely got hit pretty hard. My prayers go out to all those families that were impacted by Isaac. 

So chores are figured out for the week, I started crocheting a blanket yesterday so I am hoping I will have a nice warm throw for during school since it is sooo cold in my kitchen with the ac blowing right on the table. I plan to make one for each girl as well as myself. I now have to start figuring out next weeks work for the girls. Their schedules are pretty much fixed out but in order for me to teach them I have to read their work and figure out the best way to teach them each subject so I have to spend my extra time(haha what's that) going through each weeks work and making sure I am fully aware of each thing. I am also teaching Bug a new way to study her Science and Social Studies. Rather than just reading the chapter lesson by lesson and answering the questions after each lesson I am going to have her do a simple outline of each lesson. We did it last week and her test Friday was much easier for her and she scored a better grade. I hope this helps her retain the information better. 

Anyway life is normal (as normal as can be with our craziness lol) over here and we are taking each day as it comes. I am still determined to straighten out the house and get it running much smoother than it has been. I just have to keep on going and working at it. I have faith I will be able to do this but sometimes I wonder what I have gotten myself into. I then think well God never gives us more than we can handle and He knows I can do this so I will do this with His help. 

Y'all have a great weekend and God bless each and every one of you.