Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankfulness catch up

30 days of Thankfulness.....

November 18

Thankful for life and health. Today has been a hard day trying to get everything done around the yard before the hubby goes to work. But thankfully we both have health to be able to do these things.

November 19

Thankful to have a paid for house to live in. Concerns with money do not affect where we will live. So very thankful for having our house. 

November 20

Thankful for family. Tonight was the first Thanksgiving meal with family. Thankful that we were able to spend quality time and eat good food with family.

November 21

Thankful that today  my husband was able to go to work. After a year with no employment, he finally has a great job and today was the first day he worked. YAY!!! so very thankful for this opportunity for our family.

November 22

Thanksgiving Day!! Today I am thankful for family and friends and great food. We had a great day with our family and friends eating a wonderful Thanksgiving meal together. I couldn't ask for a better day!

November 23

Today My husband had his first official day of work. He worked Wednesday at the shop but today was his first real day working. I am so blessed that God has helped us through the past year. I am also blessed to have good friends who are always there for us no matter what. I couldn't do it without yall...

November 24

Today I am thankful for new life. My husbands cousin and her husband have been trying for a baby for 15 years and today is their baby shower to welcome their new bundle to be delivered Monday. I cannot wait to see the new blessing. God has proved himself once again. When the doctors say it's impossible He proves them wrong everytime!!

November 25

Today I was blessed to wake up to a peaceful quiet house with my beautiful babies sleeping peacefully. I was able to spend half an hour relaxing and enjoying the quiet. I am thankful for little moments of quiet alone time. 

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