Thursday, November 8, 2012

Daily Checklist x's 2

Daily Checklist

Today I have not one but two days worth of checking to post. Yesterday and today I got all of my chores done. I even got one section of the master bedroom clean. Today me and the hubby got his desk cleaned, inside, outside, and underneath. The girls and I got all of our housework done before Glee came on at 8 so we were able to sit down and spend the hour together. 

So there we have it. Three days in a row I got everything done minus laundry and the master bedroom which are multiple day chores to complete but which I am working on slowly but surely. 

Maybe by next week I can say my entire house is clean but then who knows between now and then I may slack off again. I am going to have faith that I won't though. It only took us 30 minutes to put supper away, clean the kitchen, living room, all three kids rooms, and the bathroom along with sweeping each of those rooms. I say if we keep that up we may succeed after all....

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