Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Daily Checklist (a day late)

Daily checklist (November 6, 2012)

Make bed                                         check
            Destinie’s                             check
            Antionette’s                          check
            Abigail’s                                check
            Unload (morning)                didn’t get to do it in the morning because I did not run
it the night before but had to run it during the day so it
was unloaded before supper
                        Morning                     check
                        Noon                         check
                        Night                          check
            Run                                        check
Wipe counters/stove                           check
            Kitchen                                  check
            Living room                            check
            Hallway                                  still haven’t gotten all the laundry done so still can’t
finish cleaning the hallway with all the clothes created
by Mount Washmore
            Kitchen                                  check
Living room                            check
            Hallway                                  See above
            Bathroom                                check
Clean bedroom                                This weeks major project!! Hopefully by the end of the week I can say check to it
            Destinie’s                              check
            Antionette’s                           check
            Abigail’s                                check
            Wash                                      2
            Dry                                         2
            Fold                                        1
            Put away                                 1
Slowly but surely we will get done with the laundry….

Over and above all I did get a lot accomplished today because of the major de-cluttering and organizing we have been doing for the last month. Each day it gets easier to clean each room because we are keeping them de-cluttered. Just two more big projects and we may have a clean house. 

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