Sunday, August 19, 2012

So Excited

After finally receiving our homeschool paperwork from the state, I was able to go get the textbooks from the school board. So of course I had to then organized what to teach and when so that we could complete the necessary subjects within the time frame allotted.... After figuring out calendars for each girl, I then plugged in what chapter, what lesson, and testing days into each calendar... yes the calendars are different for each child... One needs a school based calendar because she has to have public school breaks off to go to her moms, and the other two are in different grades so need different curriculum put in.... It took me Friday afternoon/Evening/night, Saturday all day and half the night but as of right now I am completely done putting everything in so now all I have to do is actually teach them the material on the day given.... They can open their folder for that subject, read the calendar for that day, see what they are supposed to do, turn to the correct section, and complete that work. Then they just check off that they completed that assignment and voila they are done.... I think that having their assignments already organized will give them a little more independence in their work... Instead of waiting on me to finish with another child they can pull out their work and get started and I can help along the way... no more sitting there waiting on me.... I hope this works out well.... We shall see... This first year is sort of a trial and error run... We are going to see what works and what doesn't and change it as we go along... All I can do is pray and ask God for guidance and He shall led me down the path He wants me to follow.... I just have to remember to relinquish that control to Him....

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