Thursday, August 23, 2012

Better late than never...

I am so behind this week on doing this blog... but better late than never.... this week has been interesting to say the least... I got the paper work for the renewal application for Libs done so now it's a waiting game to see if they will approve us for another year of homeschooling... if not I don't know what the next step is...such a newbie at this.... We did have a good week homeschooling.. the girls all did really good on their work but we have had a few bumps along the road with them not doing their work to their full potential... because of that they have had a few bad grades which has upset them... unfortunately I cannot just give them good grades.. they earn the good with the bad.. which I had to explain to them several times. If you do not do your work correctly then you earn the bad grade.... but I am sure it will sink in eventually.
As for the major issues (spelling) all three girls have done GREAT this week... one passed the first pretest on Monday so doesn't have to take the test on Friday, the other two passed the second pretest today so do not have to take the test tomorrow.... I am so proud of them... (when I say passed I mean they got a 100%!!!)

As for our bible study we started at the beginning of school, we are up to Genesis 9 (today's reading) and the girls are enjoying hearing the bible... I am thinking this was a good idea to start doing first thing in the morning... we start our homeschooling day with them doing a to-do list ...

Here's how it looks

To-Do List

Memory verse:

Bible study

Their subjects are in order of how they are supposed to do them each day... Each child has a different schedule... it makes it easier on me to follow... no child is on the same subject at the same time so that I can teach Math to just one child at a time which means they have my one on one undivided attention... makes for better grades and better understanding of the material... (I hope).... 

Anyway this week hasn't been real exciting...other than we have run out of dish soap finally so I am making my own today.... have the recipe working now so hoping it turns out right and works.... yall pray for me.... I made laundry soap a few weeks ago and it's working beautifully so I am really excited about that... cheap and easy and I love saving time and money.... 

Well I am off here again... the girls are playing family game night on the xbox while I do some afternoon free time (YAY!) 

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