Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day four

Today was both good and bad.... the good news was our paperwork finally came in from the state so we were able to unenroll the girls from public school officially so yay... no more public school worries for us.... the other good thing about the paperwork coming in is that I was finally able to rent their textbooks so now we can do science and social studies which we couldn't do this week... so yay again... the bad parts were behavior... omgosh sometimes I question what I was thinking taking on 3 girls into homeschooling ... but then I remember how bad it was with them in public school and I don't regret it at all.... they had such a hard time in public school and I hated seeing how bad they felt, how low their self-esteem was getting, and how little they were really learning... it seemed like every time I turned around they were taking another standardized test... dibbles, scantron, leap, ileap... the list goes on... lately the teachers are stuck teaching to the test rather than teaching them all they need to know... plus the biggest drawback to public school is the lack of God... they won't let the children learn about God and actually punish those children who talk about God or read the bible during free reading... My oldest brought her brand new bible to school with her that she had gotten from Sunday school she was sooo proud of it so of course wanted to show it off to her friends... Her teacher took it from her and wouldn't give it back to her until the end of the day and told her NOT to bring it back to school... I am sorry but that is unacceptable in my view... She was so discouraged that day and could not understand why such an important part of her life wasn't allowed in her daily school life... I refuse to let my children ever feel that way again... The Bible and God are first and foremost in their lives and is the first thing we study in the morning which is as it should be.... Well today was an awful long day so I am going to cut this one short and head on to bed... May God bless those who need blessings and heal those who need healing whether physically, mentally, or spiritually....

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