Monday, August 13, 2012

Day one

Day one in the adventures of homeschooling in the Domingue house.... Today was for sure an adventure.. Our first official day of homeschooling was a complete success (in my humble opinion). We completed all of our work and even had some fun. There weren't any tempers flaring, no arguing amongst the munchkins, and somehow we even had time for visiting the grandparents... And of course the best part of our day was yay!! Daddy found a job finally... God has provided for us for a year (well for way longer than a year but a year with no employment) through no jobs, unemployment payment delays, and beginning our homeschooling journey.... At my lowest, I was terrified of how we were going to pay bills, buy household items (food, diapers, formula) but not once were we without a need (yes we sacrificed a lot of wants) but our needs were always met and met wonderfully. Never did  we go without... and that my dear friends is the beauty of the Lord. We never lost faith that God had a plan for our lives and we took each day as a gift and kept on keeping on (gotta love Joe Dirt)... We successfully paid our bills and even got out of debt, successfully worked on a curriculum for the girls, and learned that even a year home together we still can get along.... Everyone always says they don't think they could handle having their spouse home for months at a time but honestly I wouldn't have traded this past year for anything. We are all closer for him having been home with us. Tonight was the first night in a year that he wasn't home to kiss the girls goodnight and that was hard on them but I am sure not even as hard as it was for him. Thankfully we have a schedule that means he will be home during the day so plenty of daddy time for us.... Granted if we weren't homeschooling and the girls were going to public school, then we would have some major daddy withdrawals going on with him leaving within half an hour of them getting home... but once again... The Lord always provides a way for everything to work out smoothly.... our Lord is a good Lord and we are blessed to know Him.... For all those doubters and naysayers who think we can't successfully homeschool, I say this... The Lord WILL provide the strength, knowledge, and know how for me to do this. It is God's will that I homeschool our daughters and so He will provide for me to do just that. Our memory verse for today even proved that to me.... we are following a new 21 day challenge that will get us into a stronger habit of worshiping the Lord and the verse given for today is 
"He knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold."
Job 23:10
I know that my life is not mine to command but rather to follow the Lord as He sets my life down the path He has for me. At the end of that road, I know I too shall come forth as gold.


  1. What a touching testimony and a wonderful beginning to your new family adventure!

    1. thank you... I have been blessed in life and I want to share our adventures and misadventures with others....

  2. Lovely first post, and welcome to the world of blogging! :)