Friday, August 24, 2012

Daily checklist

I am borrowing an idea from and posting a daily checklist of things I need to do each day and things that I can check off my list...

Today I:

started supper at 9 in the crockpot
(chicken breasts cut up, sausage cut up, brown gravy,  can of tomato sauce, rotel, seasonings, and onions/bell pepper/celery)
as well as the rice needed for it

supper was going strong all day and was ready for supper at 7 tonight!!

Homeschooled the three big girls which was mostly tests today.. they all three did good jobs though we did have a setback or two but that's to be expected...

wiped down the bathroom this morning

Redo list: (Saturday)
After making this list and seeing that I didn't do very much and that I could have and should have done more... I went and put a load of laundry washing and then put it in the dryer to be folded later and put a second load washing... so I did do a little more...I am working on it.. and I will get better

and that's it for me today...seems like I didn't do anything but to be honest I really could have done more and even thought a couple times to go do something but well I am not the best at doing what I should...hence the following of . she is teaching me to not lie to myself about my faults.. I know I could have done more but didn't feel like getting up and doing them... I know I need to break that habit and so I am going to do as she has done and do a post about what I plan to do and actually doing them each day....

Y'all pray for me that I can follow through with this because God knows I have started a hundred times with a "new" cleaning routine and it never lasts more than a few weeks... I AM going to change that... I WILL get into the habit of cleaning as I go instead of waiting for the disaster to overtake my house and life...

About a month ago we started the girls on a new "help out" schedule and they are doing good when I remind them but alas I am bad about remembering that things are supposed to be done... We are all going to change that starting with ME!! As of today I am no longer going to allow mess to rule my life....

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