Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day two

Well day two of homeschooling has come and gone.... we started out a few minutes late today but eventually got everything done and done well I might add.... We started our new bible lesson series... it leads you through the bible in 4 years (created for children so they don't get so overwhelmed)... We read the whole first chapter of Genesis (was supposed to be the first 19 verses but they wanted to go on and how could I tell them no) and the girls wrote the days of creation in order to be memorized.... surprisingly they knew more than I thought they did... I often wonder how much of what I say to them and how much they hear from others actually sticks with them... I am proud to say our girls have good minds and do retain quite a lot more than I thought (shame on me for underestimating my girls, tisk tisk tisk).... and yes I made the sound out loud lol.... We also created privacy blinders (their offices as they called them) so that they cannot look over and see what the others are writing (no cheating allowed) plus I felt that it would help with the "she's looking at me.. mommmmmmmm" syndrome that was going around.... we shall see... we also had to deal with a touch of disrespect and bullying by one of the girls who needs an adjustment on appropriate behavior when she's with me but again it's a work in progress.... but then we all need adjustments on behavior occasionally even the momma... Overall day two was another rousing success and I am thankful once again that I followed my heart and God's will to begin homeschooling. My girls seem much happier and of course that makes the momma much happier as well....

Today's memory verse

"Thou God whom thou servest continually, He will deliver thee"
Daniel 6:16

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